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Wedding Rock Stars – Lee Phillips – PV Films

We are starting a monthly feature on some selected wedding suppliers that we believe will really enhance your day and make it the best wedding ever!
Our feature will be called “Wedding Rock Stars” and our rock star this month, starting us off is Lee Phillips of PV Films.
If you want to see how good his work is, check out these links! 

We have known Lee for a few years and always admire his videography and how he gets better and better all the time.
Ladies and gentleman, welcome Wedding Rockstar number one…..Lee Phillips!

How long have you been a videographer?
First picked up a camera back in 2004 when I did a filming course as part of my role at Govan Initiative. Since then I’ve always had a keen interest in making films.
When did you start PV films?
PV Films started life as Peripheral Vision in 2013 but I rebranded to PV Films in 2016.

When did you start filming weddings?

The first PV Films wedding was Sept 2013 for my best bud Martin and his lovely wife Sarah.

What is your professional background? Do you attend workshops to improve your craft? Have certificates/degrees?

My degree is in Media Technology however after spending 7years at Dell, redundancy took me down the route of Business Analytics and Reporting. 

To improve my craft I do a lot of research both online and in practice to improve my shot techniques as well as my editing skills.
The majority of my work happens after the big day, editing each wedding film can take 30-40hrs. Each one gets dedicated time and effort, no mass production or trying to edit on multiple computers, one film at a time, it’s the only way I can be sure that the film will be amazing.
When PV films is not at a wedding on any given Saturday, what would you most likely be doing?
Chilling out with my wife Angela and two boys, Reggie & Alfie. A BBQ on the new grill is quite likely too.

What are your top 3 wedding accomplishments you are most proud of?
Getting (and staying) married to Angela (14yrs married)

Taking PV Films full time and continually growing the business.

Twice nominated for Videographer of the Year
You as a wedding professional in 5 words or less…

Creating memories, you will love.

Where have your weddings been published?

Facebook, website, shared by many of the venues I’ve filmed at.
What was important at your own wedding?
Being surrounded by awesome friends and family, getting it filmed so that we can watch it whenever we want, show the kids and also reminisce with loved ones who are sadly no longer here. 
What advice would you have for couples planning a wedding?
Write a list and split it into 3 sections
– Must Have – eg an awesome wedding film

–  Would Like to Have

– If we Have (money left)
Prioritise your suppliers into these categories and shop around, look at reviews on Facebook and Google, ask to meet with them if possible to build a rapport from the outset (some suppliers, like PV Films, will be with you for 8-12hrs of your big day).
– Budget accordingly – despite having a budget, don’t scrimp on the Must Haves.
Get wedding insurance (try Debenhams)!
How do couples get in contact with you?
Website –

email –

mob – 07748966634


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