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Waterside Hotel, West Kilbride Wedding – Gayle & Ally Abernethy


On Friday night, we attended the wedding of Gayle & Ally at the Waterside in West Kilbride for the evening entertainment.

This is the first time that our DJ Stuart had entertained at this beautiful venue and we can see why so many couples choose this to be their wedding venue.

It resembles an American diner that would not look out of place on the Pacific Highway in California…sadly without the Californian sunshine.

We first met Gayle at the wedding of her sister and Stuart’s cousin a few years ago at the St. Andrews in the Square and due to an equal love of 5IVE plus a lover of a great nights fun, we were her first choice of wedding entertainment.

The drive from Glasgow is actually very good and takes you through some lovely Ayrshire countryside and the view when you approach the venue is breathtaking.

Upon arrival we were met by Steve who is from our favourite wedding videography company, Gryffe Weddings and the photographer was Lisa from Rich Pictures. If you are looking for a great videographer/photographer, check them out, they really are some of the best in the industry! We literally can not wait to see the results after they work their magic…and Steve gets back from Ibiza! Just to let you know we also dj in Ibiza if anyone wants to fly us over for a wedding celebration 😉


A special mention goes to the florist, Stuart’s aunty Kate from Flowers By Kate Mac. The first time we seen her work was at Stuart’s cousins wedding and she has continued to provide some extraordinary work.


The first dance was Ray Lamontagne’s “You are the best thing”, what a great first dance!


Throughout the night, so many great songs were requested, especially by Gayle’s dancing friends from the dance school she went to. The highlight has to be …… Ken Dodd’s “Happiness”  as requested by her sister Carol:) Thanks Carol, now got that song in our heads a few days later!

A little bit of ceilidh went down a treat and throughout the night, a mixture of songs were played from different eras and the dance floor was never empty.


One band that Gayle LOVES is 5IVE….AMAZEBALLS!

It’s probably no secret that Stuart’s taste in music is…varied but this is one group he loves and knows ALL the words to “If ya getting down”!


Its always good to High 5IVE the bride 🙂

It truly was a pleasure to entertain such lovely people and really would recommend the Waterside as a wedding venue, such a gorgeous location.

IMG_7407 2

Congratulations to Gayle & Ally Abernethy and have a lovely time in South Africa & Mauritius!



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