Mike & Megan Doyle, Oran Mor 9/7/16 

On Saturday night we returned to a beautiful venue in the west end of Glasgow, Oran Mor.
Set beside the Botanic Gardens on Byres Road, Oran Mor is a very commanding building which was once a church, I think.
We arrived just as the deserts were and soon as I seen the amount of guests and heard the laughter, I know it was going to be a top night…and they never failed.
I went over and said hello to Megan and Mike once again and they looked amazing!
The first dance was Ella Henderson’s “Yours” followed by Sam Smith’s “Latch”.
Throughout the night there were some amazing requests and Gala “Freed from Desire” went down treat….”Mike Doyle’s on fire”!!
The Sweet Caroline/Grease Sing/Dance off was one of the best I’ve seen and the video which is on the Facebook page, was out of this world.
Mike is a big Rangers fan and loves his Penny Arcade & Simply The Best (which are massive Rangers songs) and they got everyone jumping.
The old school section was great and the reaction to “New Emotion” was dynamite!
The night passed too quick and we finished with “Loch Lomond” and “Caledonia”.
I have to give a special mention to Peter from “It’s Photographic” who took some amazing pictures of the night.

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